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Irma Chkaidze The Factors Influencing on the Assurance of Pension System of Georgia 006 
Zurab Vashakidze, Rezo Shengelia Sovereign Investment Fund - A new instrument of World Financial-Political Dominance 011 
Archil Gersamia Investment Environment and Investment Peculiarities in Free Economic Zones 021 
Olga Pachulia ,Klara Gurtskaya Importance of Trend Analyses Before Making Investment in a Company (Berkshire Hathaway Inc.) 027 
Ether Takalandze Renovation of Social Science “ Lazare ” is the premise of maintaining the Ecological Equilibrium on earth 033 
Nana Nadareishvili, Nona Danelia Migration of Human Resources: Types, Purposes and Results 050 
Levan Qutateladze, Aleko Qutateladze The Methods of Providing Informational Security and Risk Managemenet in the Financial-Banking Organizations 057 
Margarita Bachilava The Productivity of Fast-growing ligneous Species of wood with energetic function 062 
Nino Grigolaia, Zhuzhuna Tsiklauri Luka Pachioli – the Founder of Modern Accounting 068 
Lali Sadagashvili, Nanuli Qoqashvili, Nino Tramakidze, Tatia Gugutishvili, Nana Shavshishvili Accounting of Acquisition of Non-Tangible assets – as part of Consolidation of Enterprises 073 
Natela Janelidze Social Infrastructure and Insurance 079 
Tamar Kiladze, Tariel Qoqoladze, Jemal Sharadze The State in Georgian Seaports and its Directions for Development 088 
Nino Grigolaia, Elguja Konjaria National Peculiarities of Accounting Systems 094 
Katerine Kevlishvili The Definition and Functions of Marketing 100 
Asiko Tsintsadze, Lilit Meloian-Putkaradze Social Risks and the Mechanism of Protection from them 105 
Giorgi Rodonaia Identification and Estimation of Investment Risks 113 
Rusudan Papaskiri What evidence Stock Indices? 118 
Olga Pachulia Problems and Perspectives of Georgian Wine Business 122 
Rusudan Papaskiri Evaluation of the Company’s Competitiveness with expense index 128 
Marina Gedevanishvili, Giorgi Shikhashvili The Perspectives of Management in the Conditions of Globalization 134 
Levan Qutateladze The Principles of Informational Security and the methods of Optimal Management of Protection in the financial Organizations 144 
Natia Shengelia The Investment Activity Level in Some of Transitive Countries 149 
Showing 22 items