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Economic Reforms: Analyze, Problems and Perspectives Irakli Gegeshidze Global Economic Crisis and the Results of Economic Reforms in the Banking Sector 006 
Economic Reforms: Analyze, Problems and Perspectives Shorena Pachkoria The Stabilizing Role of Government in Economy 011 
Economic Reforms: Analyze, Problems and Perspectives Nino Grigalashvili The Regulative Instruments of Credit Policy 017 
Modern Problems of Economics Tamar Qajaia Social-Oriented Economy – as the first basis of Improving the Quality of Life 023 
Modern Problems of Economics Nana Nadareishvili, Nona Danelia The Trends of Georgian Population’s Demographic processes and of the Dynamic of Human Resources 029 
Modern Problems of Economics Eka Tadumadze, Giorgi Makharoblishvili Innovation as an inevitable Precondition for Transformation into the Information Society 035 
Modern Problems of Economics Irakli Gegeshidze Georgia and Economic Crisis 041 
Modern Problems of Economics Ketevan Mumladze The Essence and Meaning of the "Sustainability" of the "Sustainable Development" 047 
Modern Problems of Economics Besik Putkaradze, Jemal Sharadze, Tariel Kokoladze Macroeconomic issues of Development of Maritime infrastructure  054 
Modern Problems of Economics Giorgi Machabeli Private Tutoring-as a parallel Education in Georgia 061 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Konstantin Sulamanidze, Givi Gamsakhurdia The Necessity of Improvement and Implementation of Banking Risks Management Methodology and Risk Management System 068 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Maia Aladashvili The Preferential Directions of Financial Provision of Tourism in Georgia 076 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Rusudan Papaskiri Micro-financial Organizations in Georgia and their Credit Portfolio 081 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Konstantin Sulamanidze The Problems in Liquidity Management and their Role in Eradication of Financial Obstacles at Commercial Banks’ Financial-Analytical Operations 086 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Nino Grigalashvili Credit Potential of Commercial Banks, its Structure and Dynamic 099 
REGIONAL ECONOMY Irina Jelia Development of Construction Cluster in Tbilisi 103 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Mukhran Qamadadze Human Resources, as Peculiarities of Assets Evaluation 115 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Tamar Bachiashvili The Role of Private Hotels in Tourism Development 120 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Mukhran Qamadadze https://docs.google.com/a/bpengi.com/file/d/0B3PZSQNPT43SU2M3TG1ZcC1lcWM/edit 123 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Tamar Bachiashvili The Problems Related to the Human Resource Management in the Tourism Organization 129 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Mukhran Qamadaze Testing for Devaluation of Assets 132 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Levan Qutatelaze Methodology for Evaluation of Company Information Security Expenses 137 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Giorgi Fanozishvili International Labor Emigration in modern Georgia 141 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Goderdzi Tkeshelashvili, Zurab Grigorashvili Peculiarities of the Staff Management of an Enterprise in the Market Under Unstable "Demand–Supply" Conditions 147 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Giorgi Fanozishvili Emigrational Character of the Population and Re-emigrational Potential 152 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Kondrat Dimitrishvili Methods of Inspecting Banks’ own capital by Internal Audit 158 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Nato Gegenava The Macroeconomic Regulative Mechanisms of development of Micro-Business (Theoretical Model) 163 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Maia Akhvlediani The Target Strategy of Marketing for Retail Enterprises 168 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Kondrat Dimitrishvili Inspection of Payment and Cash Service Operations of Legal Entities by Bank 173 
WORLD ECONOM ICS Zurab Vashakidze, Mirian Papunidze International Economic Relationships, as the Basis for Georgia’s Regional Economic Integration 178 
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