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ECONOMIC REFORMS: ANALYZE, PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Temur Miminoshvili Evolution of the Governmental Economic role in the Conditions of Globalization and Post-industrial society 006 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Ether Takalandze Overcoming the Social Political-economical scientific-theoretical crisis is the instant problem to solve for the Government of Georgia 013 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Besik Tetvadze Agricultural development Strategy and the Basic Guide to the System of Agroproducts 030 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Goderdzi Tkeshelashvili, Davit Jafaridze For the Issue of Economic Estimation of Engineering Decisions 036 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Giorgi Rodonaia Currency Risk and its Hedging 043 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Zurab Jorbenadze, Revaz Shengelia For the Issue of Economic Safety of the Entity 046 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Ketevan Kitsmarishvili Analysis of the Dynamic of the Organization’s Property Potential’s structure and Composition 058 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Vaja Zeikidze The Directions of Development of Military economy of Georgia 063 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Vladimer Glonti, Sofiko Megrelishvili Bizmax (Business Maximization)-The Role and Motivation of Hotel Administration in the Retention of a Customer 069 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Tinatin Goladze The Analytical Methods and Models of the Company’s Developing Perspectives and of the Markets’s Attractiveness 081 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Ketevan Kitsmarishvili The Real Face of a Leader 085 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Manana Kharkheli Clusters: the Essence, the Spreading level and the Mechanisms of Management 088 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Marina Alania The Brand Style of a Tourism Entity 096 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Maia Seturi Some Definitions about the Purposes and Functions of Advertisement 103 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Dorien DeTombe, Jeanne Tolordava Teaching Methods of Complex Problems 108 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Zurab Jorbenadze, Revaz Shengelia The Entity’s Economic Safety and Consulting 115 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Ketevan Kitsmarishvili Economic Analysis, its role in the system of Management 125 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Lia Berikashvili For the Marketing Issue of an Industrial Firm 128 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Giorgi Feradze Usage of Imitational Models in Management of Re-engineering of Business-processes 133 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Manana Kharkheli Fields of fle xib le Use of Management in Con s t ruc ti on 137 
WORLD ECONOMICS Maia Akhvlediani The Problems of International Marketing and Tendency of its development 141 
WORLD ECONOMICS Giorgi Kvinikadze, Ketevan Pkhakadze The Subject of Geo-economics – Polemics around the New Discipline 148 
WORLD ECONOMICS Ketevan Kitsmarishvili Some Issues about Globalization 156 
REVIEW Mikheil Jibuti Inculcation of a new phenomenon in the History of Economic Thought 159 
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