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ECONOMIC REFORMS: ANALYZE, PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Marina Chavlesihvili Microeconomic Aspects of Regulation of Electroenergetics 006 
ECONOMIC REFORMS: ANALYZE, PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Vahan Gevush Baghdasaryan The Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Tax Control at the present stage of Tax Reform 012 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Qetevan Kitsmarishvili The Development Tendencies of Partnership of Private and Government Sector 019 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Ether Takalandze The Inevitability of Social Justice of the Earth stipulates the Transformation of the Political-Economical System in the Country according to “ Lazare” 023 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Ashot Matevosyan Varazdat The Features of Venture Capital Financing of Innovative Projects and the Role of Clusters in Fostering Innovation 041 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Eka Chokheli Internationalization of High Education in the Era of Globalization 049 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Lia Dzebisauri The Statistical Audit of Export Potential of Georgian Production 056 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Ashot Matevosyan Varazdat Financial Recovery of Companies: Criterion, Strategies and Methods 063 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Asie Tsintsadze, Lilit Meloyan-Putkaradze Financial Mechanism of Social Insurance Fund 070 
REGIONAL ECONOMY Eka Devidze The Tourism Development Problems In Imereti Region 082 
REGIONAL ECONOMY Nana Okruashvili Regional Marketing - Contemporary metodology of working out of regional social policy 092 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Eka Chokheli Selection of Competent Staff - an Important Guarantee of the Organization’s Success 097 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Marina Alania Distribution in Hotel Industry 104 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Qetevan Kitsmarishvili The Features of a Real Leader 112 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Nino Faresashvili The Methods of Management of Organizational Stress 115 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Vahan Gevush Baghdasaryan General Principles of Formation, Operation and Development of Tax Systems in Countries With Developed Market Economies 124 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Eka Chokheli The Perfecting Tasks of Management of Organizational Changes in Business Companies 130 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Aleksandre Shengelia, Zurab Shengelia Logistics-The Managerial Method of Economic Activitiy 140 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Nino Faresashvili Number of Aspects of Organizational Behavior 150 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Tamar Bachiashvili The Influence of Corporate Culture on the Increase of Competitiveness of Tourist Companies 159 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Rati Abuladze The Limitation and Regulation of Internet Space 162 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Nana Okruashvili Role of Marketing in the effective regulation of the labor market 173 
WORLD ECONOMICS Khatuna Kharkhelauri The Modern Tendencies of International Investing and the Perspectives of their Attraction in Georgia 178 
WORLD ECONOMICS Olga Pachulia Modern Trends of International Business Management 188 
  SUMMARY 194 
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