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ECONOMIC REFORMS: ANALYZE, PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Lela Oniani Analysis of Percentage Policy of Commercial Banks 008 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Giorgi Malashkhia Useless Economics and Losses of Welfare 015 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Karlo Ghurtskaia, Ramaz Otinashvili, Ilia Papashvili, Ekaterine Chiqovani The Evolution of Relations of Government and Economy 032 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Ketevan Kitsmarishvili Liberalism in Economy 042 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Natalia Robitashvili The Current Issues about Statistics of Population’s Income Differentiation In Georgia 045 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Nana Benidze, Jambul Bitsadze Private Insurance System Problems: the Characteristic Defects or Problems with the Administration? 057 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Nino Grigalashvili Credit Risk Management in Banking Sector of Georgia 063 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Khatuna Shalamberidze The Ways of Improvement of Banking Competitiveness in Georgia 067 
REGIONAL ECONOMY Lela Oniani The Principles of Relationship of Commercial Banks’ Regional Subsidiaries with Corporate Clients 074 
REGIONAL ECONOMY Nargiza Qarqashadze, Lela Kamladze  The Role and Importance of Cultural Tourism in the Development of Region 083 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Sergo Turmanidze, Bagrat Devadze The Development of Cruise Industry in Black Sea 092 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Natia Shengelia, Zhuzhuna Tsiklauri-Shengelia, Revaz Shengelia Profit and Income Taxes in Georgia and Abroad, and the Specifics of their Accounting 101 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Medea Qavtaradze, Natia Bejanidze The Characteristics, Current Situation and the Development Prospects of CruiseTourism 110 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Erekle Solomnishvili The Role and Importance of Cultural Tourism in the Development of Region 119 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Darejan Chkhubadze The Mathematical Modeling Methods in Economic Analysis 127 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Irma Chkhaidze Demographic Problems of the Rural Population, and their Solutions in Georgia 133 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Evgeni Baratashvili, Ana Bolqvadze Business Culture a Key Element of Comparative Management 142 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Manana Samadashvili The Role of Motivation in the Work during the Management Process of Personnel 148 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Tamar Ghambashidze, Naira Ghvedashvili Modern Trends of Unemployment and Prospects of its Management 153 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Alexandre Sharashenidze The Strategic Alliances and their Role in raising the Competitiveness 166 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Natia Shengelia Analysis of Cash Flows and Profit & Loss Statements, Interconnections and Differences Between Them 171 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Vasil Khizanishvili Business Ethics Management 179 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Manana Samadashvili The Importance of Rational Usage of Time Management in the Management Process of Personnel 183 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Ketevan Kitsmarishvili Business Management in Global Environment based on an example of “ZARA” 188 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Vasil Khizanishvili Organizing Business Ethics Management 191 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Manana Samadashvili Strategic Management of Human Resources 196 
WORLD ECONOMY Nona Akhvlediani “Globalization and Statistical Current Problems of the 21th Century” (Main Directions of Scientific and Innovative Globalization) 200 
WORLD ECONOMY Roland Sarchimelia, Gela Lobjanidze The Science and Religion in the circumstances of Activated Economic Globalization 207 
WORLD ECONOMY Khatuna Shalamberidze Globalization and Several Actual Aspects for Financial and Economic Development of the Country 219 
WORLD ECONOMY Ketevan Kitsmarishvili The Stages of Creation of International Organizations 225 
THE ECONOMIST IN THE AUDITORIUM Zhuzhuna Tsiklauri-Shengelia, Natia Shengelia, Revaz Shengelia Tax as Income for Government 229 
THE ECONOMIST IN THE AUDITORIUM Revaz Shengelia The Essence and Purpose of the Government’s Economic Activities 237 
THE ECONOMIST IN THE AUDITORIUM Natia Shengelia, Zhuzhuna Tsiklauri-Shengelia The Improvement of Teaching Financial Accounting with Modern Accounting Software 245 
THE ECONOMIST IN THE AUDITORIUM Revaz Shengelia, Natia Shengelia The Objective Necessity, Functions, Forms and Scales of Government’s Participation in Economy 252 
THE ECONOMIST IN THE AUDITORIUM Revaz Shengelia The Average, Marginal Costs and the Marginal Product 258 
SUMMARY   262 
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