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ECONOMIC REFORMS: ANALYZE, PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Paata Koghuashvili Cooperative Process Is Needed to Stimulate Domestic Production Cooperatives Regulations 006 
ECONOMIC REFORMS: ANALYZE, PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Giorgi Kuparadze Tax Policy and Foreign Direct Investments in Georgia 015 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Guram Jolia, Ketevan Jolia Model of a Human Being in Economic Theory And Marketing 033 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Nino Abesadze, Rusudan Kinkladze The Improvement of Population Health as a Factor of Improving living standards 052 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Mushegh Hovhannisyan Financial Capital and its Development in a Globalizing Economy 069 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Minasian Vigen Babkenovich The Mechanism of Emergence of the Crisis Phenomena in the Financial markets  076 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Nino Putkaradze The Technical Characteristics of the Cruise Ships 090 
SECTORIAL ECONOMY Dorien De Tombe A Multidisciplinary Approach of the Healthcare System 098 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Nanuli Makharadze Marking of Goods – Problems in Consumer Market of Georgia 113 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Mushegh Hovhannisyan The Relationship of the Concept of Value Management and Principles of Corporate Governance 118 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Chaduneli Gela Financial Improprieties, their Identification and Classification in Business 124 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Davit Gogochuri The Contemporary Problems of Companies’ Internal Control in Prevention of Economic Crime 133 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Vasil Khizanishvili Employees of the Company, as Stakeholders 144 
WORLD ECONOMY Archil Andjafaridze The Economic Dimension of Ukrainian - Georgian Partnership 149 
WORLD ECONOMY Sedlyar Iulia Aleksandrovna The Fines in International - Political Science  158 
THE ECONOMIST IN THE AUDITORIUM  Revaz Shengelia, Zhuzhuna Tsiklauri, Natia Shengelia Micro and Small Businesses, Product and Service Markets, Resources Markets 168 
Showing 16 items