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ECONOMIC REFORMS: ANALYSIS, PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Shalva Chikhladze, Amza Chargazia “Silk Road Economic Belt” Project and its Future Perspectives 007 
ECONOMIC REFORMS: ANALYSIS, PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES Shorena Pharjiani Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth in Georgia 020 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Irma Chkhaidze The Demographic Problems of the Population, and Their Solutions in Georgia 028 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Lela Bochoidze, Maia Chinchaladze, Nino Darsavelidze Science and Technology - as the Globalization Factors 037 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Manana Beruashvili Intercultural Relations in the Global Business 042 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Eter Takaladze Gradual Raising of the Marginal Level of Public Culture is a Prerequisite for the Creativity and Preservation of the Political - economic History 049 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Shorena Pharjiani The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth by Sectors in Georgia 069 
MODERN PROBLEMS OF ECONOMICS Giorgi Subeliani Global Regulation of Sustainable Development and the Concept 078 
FINANCES, BANKS AND EXCHANGE MARKETS Aleko Kutateladze, Zurab Chkhaidze Economic Analysis of Quality of the Assets in Commercial Banks 092 
REGIONAL ECONOMY Nino Khakhubia The Short Review of Survey about Personnel Motivation in the field of Tourism and Hospitality of Adjara 104 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Ilia Jimsheleishvili, Eter Kharaishvili Competition in the Georgian Aviation Market and Its Regulation 116 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Sophio Stephanishvili The Development Opportunities of the Tourist Company in Georgia on the Example of the Strategic Analysis of the Company „City Sightseeing Tbilisi” 128 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Tamar Dudauri The Agribusiness Risk Insurance System and Its Perspectives of Development in Georgia 143 
SECTORAL ECONOMY Nino Shapatava Recreation Resources and Conditions for Forming Recreational Complexes 155 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Anna Tsulaia The Firm’s Business Plan and its Relation to Marketing Program 163 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Giorgi Kashibadze The Essence of Online and Offline Marketing and their Role in Modern Business 174 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Merab Kelendjeridze, Rasim Abdulaev Leader Country in Energy Resources in Caucasus 185 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Kiknadze Mikheil Elestado actual de las pequeñas y medianas empresas en América Latina (The Current State of Small and Medium Businesses in Latin America) 193 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Aleko Qutateladze, Temuri Matua Investment Project, as the Object to Manage 199 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Qetevan Kitsmarishvili Formation of Organizational Culture 212 
BUSINESS, MANAGEMENT, MARKETING Giorgi Cincadze Legislation Bases of Management of the Migration Processes in Georgia 218 
WORLD ECONOMY Giorgi Khidesheli, Gocha Lobjanidze The Significance of Industrialization in the Provision of the Political and Economic Strength of a Country According to the Nationalistic Idea of the International Political Economy 229 
WORLD ECONOMY Salome Oniani, Zura Gamtenadze, Amza Chargazia, Tamta Kavlelashvili, Tinatin Beshkenadze The New Economic Actor of International Relations hips: BRICS in Action, its Potential and Prospects 239 
WORLD ECONOMY Mikheil Kiknadze Small and Medium Business in Brazil 252 
WORLD ECONOMY Natia Daghelishvili The Market Penetration Strategies of Georgian Firms to the EU Market 265 
WORLD ECONOMY Nana Lobzhanidze, Kristine Jinchveleishvili, Ani Kenchashvili, Salome Lomsadze Global Inequality: The Analysis of Modernization and Dependency Theory 279 
WORLD ECONOMY Salome Oniani, Zura Gamtenadze, Tamta Kavlelashvili The Role of Transnational Corporations in the Development of the Southern Countries. Case: Chinese Corporations in Africa 294 
Showing 28 items